Wrong liveries

This thread is for liveries that have faults or other little bugs regarding their liveries.

Swiss A330: Registration Missing and the liverie is quite wrong too. (missing swiss flag on winglets etc.)

Thai A340-600. Wrong registration. It is wearing the reg HS-TEN which is the reg of a thai A330-300. I suppose it should have been HS-TNE, which would be correct.

The A330 ans A340 liveries in IF are generally a bit “buggy”. All A330 for example are missing their reg exept of the Lufthansa, China Airlines, Egypt Air and Aeroflot one. Read more about the A330 faults here: Other A330 Errors (Engine or registration)

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The BA 767-300ER should have RR engines.
Thread on that too somewhere else on the forums

The CX A333 has wrong colored winglets…

Fix in the next update hopefully…

Air China is not available on the a330.

There’s also an error on the Lot Polish airlines ERJ-170. The registration is SP-LDG but under the cockpit windows it has DF when it should be DG.

china airlines, my fault

This reminds me that there’s written “747-400” on the nose gear door of Air China’s B748.

I know right XD
that is because they are true genius

Lufthansa A340 has the same reg. as LH A330

they are trying there best but for now they are mainly focused on the a320 series

Your are totaly right !

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