Wrong Landings Count

On this

screenshot that @SkyHighGuys took of me it only says that I have under 200 landings, however, I have 550 as shown in this screenshot.
I really want it fixed because I want people to know that I have way more landings.

having more landings doesn’t make you a better pilot 😉

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Good thing my Violations are counted correctly.

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Landings are the first thing I look at when I look someone up on the map. EXP can be manipulated based on flight time but landings cannot. Plus the more landings you have under your belt the better your landings get.


No, I’m saying showing people you have so much landing don’t make you better

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I think it might be that the one on the grade sheet is both solo and live landings. Can someone correct me here?

I’m grade 4 so it means I have at least 250 online landings. Ive been grade 4 for a couple months

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