Wrong instructions

How/Who do I put in a complaint about an ATC player giving out wrong instructions they giving me a violation? Apparently I was in a busy airspace. I got photos to prove I wasn’t. Then they wanted me to turn away from EGGL when I was near final approach at 5000ft doing 160knts on APPR? Violation was not listening to controller. Even though I was replying.
This is why pilots should be able to give out violations to ATC players who don’t know what there doing.

What was the controllers name?

Hey there, could you please go into your logbook and retrieve the name of the controller that reported you?

Look at the log book in the replay of the flight it will give you the name of the controller PM the controller


Please PM @PlaneGeek.


I know the name of the controller. PlaneGeek

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It was PlaneGeek

You don’t have to state his name three times…just PM the controller, and boom, this topic can be closed.


I can assure you all IFATC members are heavily tested to ensure that they are qualified for their position. Perhaps there was a specific reason the controller told you what he/she told you to do. (More than likely is a good reason).

IFATC members have to go through a written test, practical test, check-ride probation period in which they get further training and testing. If you want to pursue Radar (Approach, Departure, Center), there are further requirements such as more training (usually multiple times a week for 1+months), a written test, and a practical exam, as well as a second probation period.

I have flown through @PlaneGeek’s airspace before. He is a competent controller and told you what to do because there was a specific reason for it.

If you are still thinking that IFATC are not qualified, try joining yourself, you will be surprised how much work it takes.


Hey Gavin! I received your message. I’ll get back to you as soon as I finish controlling. :)


As I was midway typing this you beat me to it😂


Continue in PM.