Wrong Indicated ILS Heading at PAJN

Flying an ILS at PAJN for runway 8 and it shows heading 064…this is totally wrong and should be fixed

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Please explain more what the issue is.

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HUH!!! the issue is the the runway is RNWY8 and the ILS is guiding you on a heading of 064…far from the actual runway…i figure it should be clear and NOT require an explanation. Go try it…have a good crash like i almost did

A staff member will reply once they see this. Please hang tight until they do so.

Calm down.

This is not an issue, but something we don’t have in Infinite Flight yet.
It’s the same thing with LOWI.

The localizer is 30 degrees off and unusable.

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of course it’s an issue, i followed whatever the ILS told me and it is wrong…way off course…so what you are saying is NOT correct

No, it’s not.

If you would have read the approach chart before approaching the airport, you would have known. So this is pilot error. Or are you saying the official FAA documents are wrong?


ALOT of things are not correct or perfect. They take time and resources. You can volunteer at any time with the airport editing team.


Unusable localizer per FAA documents. Nothing wrong.