Wrong indicated ILS heading at KSFO

KSFO is known for 28 L/R. APPR shouldn’t be used on a GPS approach such as the 19s or 26 at PHNL.

26L PHNL is ILS.
KSFO 19L is ILS, 19R GPS
Previous post seems to suggest 28R/L being fixed.
P.S. I use APPR on GPS approaches frequently and they work generally. Just have to watch for terrain.

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Possibly will have improved with global as the whole airport has been redone and the ILS too.

Works for me, but admittedly flares late. I’ll check it out.

It’s an LDA and is meant to be like that, they aren’t properly supported in IF

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@Richard_Barrett 19L will be fixed with global, so will the 28’s hopefully, 26L at PHNL is correct

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Thank you for the detailed update !

We can officially confirm that the 28 ILSs are working properly now :)