Wrong indicated ILS heading at KSFO

@carmalonso @matt

Checking the Jeppesen:

LDA DME 28R, localiser 281 degrees

GPS Z 28R, final approach course 284 degrees

GPS X 28R, final approach course 281 degrees

Runway 28L+R, runway heading 284 degrees, so 281degrees is 3 degrees off set.

Looks like the LDA DME 28R is used for this and it’s been made an ILS.


now you said it! I had this prob a lot of times! I just blamed it on the wind. the ILS always seemed to indicate 3-5 degrees pff course!


I feel like @Rotate said something about this before. I’ll add it to the issue tracker @carmalonso. Thanks!

How does this happen the developers live in San Fran :)

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hehe yeah we do :)

The way we decide if there’s an ILS shown in IF is if we find either a localizer or a glide slope… maybe we need to adjust it…


@Aernout according to this, 28R has an ILS

Oh wauw I see indeed @Swang007, that is very interesting why I don’t get those charts but that is another issue… Thanks man!

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So does it actually have an ILS or not? We have conflicting data so I’m not sure.

No idea, is airnav trustful?

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Flight ware has the same data and since @Aernout chart it dated July 2014 and these two are dated August-September 2015 I do believe it has an ILS Approach and yes the heading for both is 284


Not fixed in latest update


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Might have been fixed here; @carmalonso?

Yup, he fixed it.

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Thanks Henrik, both of the 28’s right?

28L is 3 degrees off and 28R is 13

That’s right. :)

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Kicking a not-so-dead horse, the 28R and 28L are still off for using APPR, an FYI more than a complaint.
Also, 19L and 19R has me bury my nose gear in the ground, but not crash.
Use APPR on 737BBJ and is a fun challange to land, as controlling throttle is a skill (throttle and trim to land), especially in Solo setting to night and Wx to low visibility with adverse winds. Landing Aids (red rectangles) turned o0ff.
PHNL -Honolulu 26L is way off to the right by about 2 miles :)

KSFO is known for 28 L/R. APPR shouldn’t be used on a GPS approach such as the 19s or 26 at PHNL.