Wrong ILS on IF

In reality ILS shows the altitude you have to be at and it’s on the artificial horizon. Like this one on a 757

But on IF it’s way different from that. Actually what we have on IF is a non-persiscion approach.
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Flight instruments don’t work on infinite flight, it’s just a photo…


Yes I know but it’s the same on real world.
BTW I have Live Grade 4 and I would surely know that they don’t work

The localiser and glideslope indicators are the purple diamonds at the side and below the artificial horizon - these make up the visual instrument guidance for the ILS on the PFD. This is similar to IF where you have the markers to the side and below for the localiser and glideslope,

The purple lines are the flight directors which are not really what you are following on the ILS - they are not the glideslope or localiser for the ILS, instead they show the LNAV and VNAV path.

EDIT: here is a clearer example of a 737-800, I think the PFD you have shown is off a 737 classic,



Here is a guide on another type. An ILS instrument.


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