Wrong ils navigation

Is it a bug or something else

Please check @Ecoops123 post with the same issue:


It give a wrong ILS INFORMATION At 34R 34L 16R 16L

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Could this be the same issue I was having at Nairobi @Ecoops123?

Likely, there are quite a few ILS issues across the world that we’re unfortunately unable to fix at this time. We’re doing our best to keep track of all the errors for when we can fix them :)


No I have a problem when I am at LOCALISER FINAL AT HAMAD AIRPORT .

weird maybe its a bug or something

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sometimes it’s not perfect, I highly recomend you fly with your charts active so you can confirm the information, Navigraph charts are great, if you want less detailed and less universal charts (money) Chartfox is also quite good

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