"Wrong" ILS localizer RWY 15 at KASE?

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Today I did a flight from KDEN to KASE using a LOC/DME chart for the RWY15 approach at KASE. As I did this for the first time I was quite surprised that the final was way steeper than all the other approaches I’ve done so far at this airport using the available ingame ILS localizer. Looking at the chart again I realised that I’ve overseen a tiny detail: This approach has an angle of 6.59° (comparison: EGLC has about 5.50°)! Does anybody of you know whether I’ve used a invalid chart or whether the IF localizer is “wrong”?

source of the chart: Digital Charts → look for KASE

I know, it’s not the most important thing out there, but I’m just curious about it.

I wish you many happy and safe landings :)

I don’t think so.
I get the same angle on a flightaware chart.

MaxSez: Think you caught a bug Joel. Coming off of RedTop to 15, 6.59deg. is the published number. Let’s see what @Kilt_McHaggis or @carmalonso has to say.
(I’m useing dated FLIPS)

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Yea Cam was suppose to change it for the last update but didn’t 😡. Also the ILS should be completely removed along with the GPS 33 approach but what do you do. Or the ILS in KSAN for 27 it doesn’t exist


On a side note though fun approach isn’t it?


If you’re talking about the 6.59° approach on RWY 15 then yes, it’s quite challenging


I’ve just been looking into it, from what I see, it seems to be an issue with how this data is handled in IF.

KASE has LOC/DME, but no glideslope/full ILS, so from what I understand pilots need to make this 6˚ approach based on sight and no instrumentation other than localiser info (and likely some dead reckoning calculations).

Since IF sees the LOC, it must treat it as an ILS, but since it doesn’t have an assigned glideslope, it just defaults it to the standard 3˚ approach.

Truth be told, IF could do with some improvements to how navigation data is handled: disabling GPS for some, LOC only / no GS, LDAs, etc. This is something that can be looked into someday :)


Cameron has taken care of this. I tend to keep out of navigational areas myself.


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@Brandon_Sandstrom… Well Brandon what do you think now that we know the truth. Are Visual Approaches to KASE In the future. I just love VFR/GPS Go’s. KASE 15 from Red Top is a fun ride! Max


I’ve been pushing for the visual approach.


@Captain_Joel… See what you started LOL… Great catch! “Do good work”.
Max Sends

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