Wrong ILS angle at Bolzano

Bolzano airport (LIPB) was reworked a few months ago. I’m surprised that the angle of the ILS hasn’t been changed. In Infinite Flight it is 3° but it should be 5° as shown on this chart.

I hope this can be fixed in the next airport/navigation update.

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Unfortunately, not everything can be 100% perfect in IF, as it is only a mobile game.

If someone deems it necessary to be fixed, it will be fixed. If not, it’s not the end of the world, no need to panic.

But I need this to be fixed as I’m doing a project which includes Bolzano airport.

Then I suggest you join IFAET yourself :)

Check out their thread here: Infinite Flight Airport Editing


I have already looked at that option but it is too complicated for me.

It’s more of a navigation issue, so it’s different than just making airports.

Also, being a navigation editor is (I think) more difficult than an airport editor.


But what shocks me is that the issue wasn’t noticed when the airport was edited a few months back.

There are very few navigation editors compared to airport editors. It wouldn’t be surprising to see this issue pop up.

Anyways, they have been notified of this issue.


Can’t stress that comment enough!