Wrong Heading Indicated Next To HSI

On my approach to Runway 15 at CYCG, I noticed that the heading indicated next to the HSI was very inaccurate. The indicated heading of the runway was 180 (which is impossible considering its Runway 15), when the actual heading of the runway should be 155.

Please move this if it’s in the wrong place, I don’t know where to report bugs…

Please check this out :)

Oh this might not be an error, just something that IF does not support yet

@Adrien - do you know what I’m talking about? There is something similar at Le Bourget too if I’m not mistaken.
Maybe something like Dush talked about here?

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It’s not an issue with the airport layout, the layout itself is fine. It’s just the indicated heading of the runway.

I’m not sure I follow…are you saying IF doesn’t support localizers?

No no, I don’t know the technicalities here. That’s why i tagged Adrien.

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I’ve just had a look and it seems like runway 15 has a LOC only approach. An ILS approach has glideslope and localizer, meaning it also takes terrain in account. I’ve just checked out the surroundings of the airport and there is a mountain in the approach path, which confirms that it is a LOC-only approach. It is also stated on this webpage.

In our navigation files, the approach is registered as LOC too, but with a heading of 196, which is pretty weird. In Infinite Flight, the approach shows up as an ILS approach. I have no idea why it is displaying heading 180…

This makes me wonder if Infinite Flight even supports LOC-only approaches at the moment. I’ll continue to investigate on our side and try to figure out what’s going on. I’ll keep you tuned. :)


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