Wrong grade being displayed to other users

My Callsign:

G-AVHB Heavy

My account was linked with IFC in-app at the time of the issue

Version Information:

20.2 (472)

Device Information:

Doesn’t necessarily apply but here you go:

• My device: iPhone XS Max running iOS 14.0.1
• Other user’s device: Samsung Galaxy S10 running Android 10.0


• I’m grade 4 pilot but others see me as grade 3 or Grade 2

Steps to reproduce:

  • Launch IF

  • go to any server

  • spot a person you know

  • Ask him/her if his/her stats matches what you see

  • It May / may not be the correct answer

Expected results:

• Other users seeing me as a Grade 4 pilot (callsign colour is in green)

Actual results:

• Others see me as grade 3 pilot(callsign is in white) even tho I’m grade 4 (callsign is in green)

More Information:

^ credit: @InfiniteFlight_Shots

My stats:

When I spotted @InfiniteFlight_Shots in the same flight

As you can see it’s clearly a wrong grade( you can see that my display name is in green)


The 777-F’s 3-letter code is 77L. It’s correct.

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Oh, well then grade is still being displayed wrong

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Your Grade 4 - and Grade 4 gets a green tag…

Grade 5 gets a brown tag.

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But others see me as Grade 3 or Grade 2

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Hmmm…perhaps it’s just a visual glitch - mod confirm?

If they’re on 20.1, it’s normal.


Both of us were in 20.2 (472), the build released yesterday

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Did this fix itself after you finished the flight? It’s likely the other pilot was seeing some cached data that didn’t update itself

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I don’t understand what you’re saying and I don’t think it fixed itself