Wrong Ghosting Date

Hey, so on last Monday, I was ghosted at 1:22 UTC (should of had grade 3 3 minutes ago) but it’s showing I got ghosted on Tuesday. But it was at MSP after flying 3 regional flights MSP-MDW MSP-DLH DLH-MSP, was flying a long haul into RJTT. I have an iPad mini 4. The ghosting was at MSP.

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Can we have a photo of your logbook and your grade table?

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Was it Monday your time, but Tuesday UTC time?


Yeah, but I should have grade 3 the exact second it’s a week. And 1:22 is UTC time and in my time should of had grade 3 8 minutes ago. (Tuesday UTC time)

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Hmm. That’s very strange.

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@Alphadog4646 But I got ghosted on Monday so why should I wait another day?

If any mods are active can you help?

Can we see a screenshot showing information about the exact time you were ghosted (date and time)?

@tomthetank Here

What is your callsign?

What does the rest of your grade table look like?

Have you tried rebooting?


Current call sign is BUTTER


Havent tried rebooting yet.

Ok while I check things out, give your device a good reboot.


@Chris_S I’m grade 3 again, it was either the reboot or you doing it. Either way, thank you! This may be closed.


Wasnt me, that was all you! glad it worked