Wrong Fuel Estimations/Glitched Live Flight

I’m currently doing Frankfurt to San Francisco right now, I have added an extra one hour of fuel to my load. It says that i’m one hour short on fuel. Is this because of the winds? When I did London to JFK I had this problem to, is there a way to fix this problem? Also I checked Live Flight and it said I departed from Frankfurt and doing VFR flying when I clearly made a flight plan. Is this a glitch in the system? My call sign is United 549 Heavy next to the UK right now. Thanks.

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What aircraft are you using?

Edit: I just saw you are Ofer the UK


Once you lighten up you should be fine. As you are over the UK you are still heavy and when you descend you’ll be all good. Just make sure to step climb and you should be good.

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I would always add 2+ hours of reserve, at least on a heavy. I had a close call the other day as well. It was telling me I would be short, but a few hours later it changed and I made it.

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As you get further into the flight, you will find you have enough fuel (aircraft lighter = less throttle)


To solve this problem I opted to using Simbrief where the Estimated flight time cargo and passengers help calculate the amount of fuel block. Meanwhile, when I am on a Boeing eg 787 somehow even if I add an hour of extra fuel I always seem to fly in the red but on an a350 i am never in the red even on a 15+ hour flight. I almost think there’s something amiss with the Boeing Simbrief fuel algorithm but again I could be wrong.

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Ok thanks. Ill make sure to add an extra 2 hours on long haul flights!

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See marked solution.