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So I am ATCing at KSAN (Still ATCing, come by :) ) and this one military aicraft from KNZY contacts San Diego ground and asks for pushback. I approve it and realize that the fighter jet is not in my airport… So I say “Stand By” and after a minute of thinking I just send “Frequency Change Approved, Good Day.”. They don’t respond and switch to tower frequency where they request takeoff. I didn’t reply this time…

So my question is: what to do when someone’s on the wrong frequency? Unfortunately, You cannot request for someone to change into unicom frequency, or say “Wrong Frequency, please switch to [name of their airport] unicom.”.

Well, thats training server. If they contact you while they are on the wrong airport, just give them a frequency change and if they continue to send you messages just swipe the ac from the progress strip:
Thats how you can do it:

From :"Infinite Flight Atc Tutorials"account


Well if they want to takeoff from your airport then i guess just let them do that since this is TS and not Expert, you can’t ghost them. And i’m pretty sure there’s a command that allows you to tell the aircraft to contact Tower or Ground…

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Oh boy. If you want to get into the real nitty-gritty of it all, in the real world aircraft taking off from smaller airports within airspace controlled by a larger airport do have to contact the larger airport’s tower and get cleared for takeoff.

In IF you might as well control them in order to make sure they don’t interfere with the traffic at KSAN.

Alternatively, you could have them contact KNZY Unicom.


I was ATCing at KSAN. They contacted me from KNZY, an airport nearby, asked for pushback, taxi, and takeoff and proceeded to takeoff from KNZY, even when I didn’t say anything.

Oh in that case do as @tomthetank said. He has better knowledge on ATC stuff than i do :)

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Oh, I didn’t know that.

Well, I could only select the runways in KSAN if I cleared for takeoff.

That is false, I searched for the command and couldn’t find it…

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You can only let them contact unicom when you are approach and the airport is near by.


Sorry, I haven’t had this problem before myself. The command might be under “Contact other frequency”, but if it isn’t then @Thomas_G is right and you can only do that from approach, in which case it sounds like you did the right thing.


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