Wrong Engines on the Emirates A380 (Infinite Flight)

Today I have noticed a “bug” where the Emirates A380 engines are wrong. The Emirates A380 in the game is A6-EDA, which has 4 Engine Alliance GP7200, and if you notice in the games, it shows that it’s using the Rolls-Royce Trent 900.

Now I know you guys are asking, “how do you know this?” it’s simple, look at the spiral things in the middle of the engine, instead of a line (used on the GP7200’s), it’s using a spiral, as on the Trent 900’s.

This is the front side, look at the engines.


Here is the back side, showing the code (A6-EDA).


Front side again, showing the wrong engines.


Here is an example of the GP7200, it may show a different code on the back, but if you check Airfleets.net, it will show that the plane (A6-EDA) is using 4 GP7200’s.



Nobody respond to this…maybe he will forget. Shhh…


Funny, but I don’t actually mind about this “bug”. I was just playing one day and I remember that Emirates uses Engine Alliance mostly, so I decided to make this!

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This would require 2 models of the A380. Guessing this way we save memory.

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If they just change the spiral I wouldn’t mind, if they don’t I also wouldn’t mind.

And BTW that nose looks a bit weird to…

I think it looks fine, maybe it’s just the perspectives.

There’s just something not right about that a380 :/

This thread is nearly as good as your Garuda one Perses :D, but on a serious side they could change it I believe, they did with Air France on the Airbus, box engines.

Also we don’t talk about infinite flight on the infinite flight community so please remove it from the heading. (Sorry buddy just a little tease)

No it’s because I’m clarifying it to be in IF, not real world were someone (might) get confused if they don’t read that it was a bug?

It’s pearses, I’m just giving you a little tease that’s all there nothing wrong with this thread okay buddy or the Garuda, I find it great that people can spot these little things out in infinite flight. I can’t ha ha

I don’t mind the tease, just clarifying.

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