Wrong Engines for Omni Air 777-200ER, N819AX

Bit of an interesting issue here.
N819AX, the Omni Air International Boeing 777-2UA8(ER) in Infinite Flight is equipped with the wrong engines!

It appears to have Pratt & Whitney 4000’s instead of the RR Trent 892 slung under the bird in real life. Source

Not the biggest deal, but it’s interesting that this has slipped by for so long.


I actually noticed this some time ago, however I didn’t create a topic because I didn’t feel it was needed. Either way I think it should be fairly easy to apply the paint to the RR model.


I agree, I would assume the confusion came from the fact that the original omni 777 fleet was equipped with Pratts but those have all since been retired.

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Well that explains quite a lot

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This has been bugging me for a while. At first couldn’t tell if they were Pratts or GEs because the engines are somehow both the same size in IF when the real GE is bigger than the one in IF and the real Pratt is smaller, but then I looked at the pylon. Definitely looks odd without the proper engines.


The massive P&Ws don’t look quite right.
I added a comparison photo to the original post just to illustrate the size difference between the Rollers and the Pratts.
Pretty massive difference.


It’s not that it’s “wrong” it’s just if they did that for every single aircraft and made them all with their certain features you wouldn’t get your update as fast as you like. I know most people say they are happy to wait but are you…?

It’s like if they do it to one they have to do it to them all so better work on fixing the main issues and revisiting the small changes later…

Just how I see it.

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No…it’s wrong.

It’s like saying cats lay eggs, or horses fly.

That airplane is equipped with one type of engine, while IF made a mistake and modeled it with another.
Generally IF is pretty good about getting it accurate, and or retroactively fixing it (UA 757 is a recent example) but not in this case.

Just how I see it ;)


And that’s exactly the way it should be… but there’s one issue… most of the time those “small changes” never get revisited. Although I know the devs are pretty good at fixing the issues which really affect the gameplay ;)


WOW I did not notice that!

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There seems to be a small window where things get fixed, but I’m not worried that time has passed with attention being placed on 21.1 and the upcoming a330

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