Wrong degrees on ILS approaches...I think

Every time I’m coming in on approach, I line up very far in advance to be straight up. Let’s say the ILS is saying 235 degrees, I put that in approximately 10nm away and I end up lining up next to the g/s parallel, I even kept going just to see what it was sending me to, and I ride completely parallel to the runway…am I missing something? I could I guess do it all manually but I’d rather get this down bc it’s cool lol.

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the degree of approach so 235 is the same wherever you are. It probably meant you hadn’t properly lined up with runway and if you are slightly our 235 will keep you going parallel with the runway not actually on to it.

Are you still having trouble with this?

The problem you’re having is that the runway could have a magnetic heading of 239 and still be used as 230 which means you’re going to be left of the runway if you allow autopilot to do your approach for you. On top of that, if you’re not perfectly lined up with that centerline on your way in, you shouldn’t rely on a single heading to get you on the ground. If you’re right of the centerline and you put in 230 for runway 23, you’re actually going to stay right of the centerline because autopilot doesn’t know enough to align itself with that centerline and follow that in. Not sure if that makes sense for you or helps but it made sense for me. Lol

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