Wrong class airport shown in Infinite Flight

Wrong airport information.

I am seeing VOGO (goa Airport) It is showing it is Bravo class in IF app but in IFATC app it is showing its Charlie class.


That website and Infinite Flight are not linked, so errors may occur. Chances are, the airport would be class B.

its a class Charlie IRL. and was charlie in 21.4

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And what source did you gather that from?

I know a pilot he has confirmed.

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Not sure how the IFATC site gathers its airport class data, however in Infinite Flight the airport class is determined by the amount of runways and various details it looks at, and at the moment cannot be adjusted manually. This could be the potential cause of the mismatch.

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it was charlie around 3 months back. Maybe super team can look uthti it. it may be a bug

I’ll put it forward for future reference when I can. :)

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thanks a lot ☺️

We don’t have Class C in India. VOGO in real life is Class D. Got this from the AIP:

Now a Class D airspace in India would closely correspond to a Class B in US airspace, which is what Infinite Flight follows, as it’s the highest level of traffic separation and clearance requirements that we have in India, and it’s found only around terminal areas:

So in conclusion, in Infinite Flight, it should technically qualify as a Class B, especially since it’s got a 10,000+ foot runway, and operable frequencies.


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