Wrong callsign for ATC "Singapore Changi Ground"

I believe, as a Singaporean here, and after listening to LiveATC for years with many reliable documents such as the AIP backing up my statement, Singapore Ground should be the correct callsign.

The same applies to all Singapore Changi callsigns


You make a good point

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I wonder if the airport’s name is related to the pronunciation of ATC frequencies. The frequencies themselves didn’t have “Changi” anywhere in them, so I just took Changi out of the airport’s name, see how that goes after the next update?


I get what you mean but it’s a bad idea… Singapore Ground is the callsign but Singapore Changi International Airport is the airport name

Yes that’s the actual name, but really people would probably prefer correct and fluid ATC communication instead of including the full airport name. We’ll see how this goes; tbh I don’t know if the frequency names have anything to do with the airport name.

You don’t get what I mean… I’ll however keep a lookout on the next update, thanks.

I think they do. For example, when talking to an airport that has the ‘Rgnl’ abbreviation in its name, the voice pronounces it as ‘r g n l’ - it’s basically airport name + frequency type. Not sure if this could be changed internally to force a particular pronunciation.

It’s not about pronunciation, it’s just an extra “Changi” for the frequency

I think what Sean was saying is that the callsign itself is formed by the airport name -+ frequency type. The way the system pronounces it is just a follow-on effect of this.

Yes, that’s what he means. It has nothing to do with the pronunciation…

It’s unnecessary. If you were at Tijuana you would want it to be “Tijuana Ground”, rather than “Tijuana Genearal Abelardo L. Rodriguez Ground.”

You don’t even get it. Read the whole post, again!

Tbh in real life when you first call a controller you will say the full phrase on initial contact, so on first calling you would say

BAW114 “Heathrow Tower good morning, Speedbird 114 fully established ILS 27R”.

Beyond that if you as a pilot initiate the call you would just say Tower or Ground without the location, so if you need to get the attention of the controller and you are already on frequency you say “Tower, Speedbird 114”. And if you are just responding to a call from the controller you wouldn’t even need to include the Tower phrase.

So an exchange when on apporach would be:

BAW114 “Heathrow Tower good evening, Speedbird 114 fully established ILS 27R”
LHR_TWR “Speedbird 114 good evening, continue approach, maintain 160 kts til 4 DME”
BAW114 “Continue approach, maintain 160 kts til 4 DME, Speedbird 114” - i.e. you are replying to the controller and do not have to say Heathrow Tower or Tower

Later on when you get your clearance:
LHR_TWR “Speedbird 114, runway 27R cleared to land, surface winds 270 10 kts” - again the controller won’t say Heathrow Tower as you are already on the frequency and have done the initial confirmation earlier in the approach"
BAW114 “Cleared to land 27R, Speedbird 114” again you wouldn’t include Tower or Heathrow Tower in your response.

I have often thought the continual use of the controller identifier in all ATC exchanges on IF was a bit OTP and slows things down.


Good info but not what I meant.

What I meant is:

In Infinite Flight, the callsign goes Singapore Changi Ground but in real life, it’s Singapore Ground.

Do you guys get it or not?

Yes you have made your point “Singapore Changi XXX” should be “Singapore XXX”.


Its just Singapore Intl (name of airport and freq) now. Should I revert it back, @Swang007?

@NatIsrael972 as per Skyvector, the name of WSSS is Singapore Changi.

Right now, I don’t know what to believe…

Sorry but IF doesn’t support individual nomenclature of frequencies.

I’m not arguing.

Tsk Tsk. Its not updated in the app and it will be removed in the next update :P