Wrong behavior

Can someone tell me how to report this player through 3 more planes.

What server did this occur on?

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Expert server

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If no ATC was present, you could possibly contact a moderator to have it handled. Other then that theres not much anyone could do unless they were present and watching it happen.


There was a tower atc but land, that’s not the bad thing, anyway it is not the only one in Madeira that is doing this …

This is a hard one for ATC to report at times. When there are a lot of aircraft on the ground, I often experience screen lag which can make it look like an aircraft has taxied into another one, but then the aircraft suddenly jumps back and isn’t in the other aircraft. Aircraft further from the tower also disappear at busy airports, and you can only see them on the radar scope. Because of this, I am quite liberal in reporting for this, giving most pilots the benefit of the doubt. I generally only issue the report if it is obvious and egregious.


In this case it was not a problem with the game, the player went through more than 3 planes to skip the queue, and it doesn’t seem fair to me to have to wait for a plane to appear later and start to cross the entire queue :)

I tried to contact the pilot but he has no account so I contacted the moderators to try to fix it.


I was the ATC at the time, unfortunately due to the high level of traffic for the stream I didn’t have a clear view of every plane on the ground (only 4 or 5) as my device would not be able to handle the amount of traffic showing up.

I’m sorry that this happened you.

It is kind of rude when another plane just parks looks like an identical mirror!😂😂

I already let a moderator know about this case, thank you all for the messages :)

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