Wrong ATC Instructions

Hey guys.

As usual, I fly on the training server for fun. Usually, when there is ATC online, I ask to taxi to a runway or parking.
The ATC replies : (callsign) continue taxi.
This is usually what happens when I request taxi.
Apparently, continue taxi means to continue your taxi from a point, for example, you have crossed a runway. Then ATC instructs you to continue your taxi.
When ever I request taxi, the ATC simply replies with continue taxi. Even when I didnt cross a runway, etc.
This might be a common mistake Air Traffic Controllers make in Infinite Flight, especially on the training server.
Please do watch out for this topic if you control airports daily in infinite flight, as according to me this is a common mistake.

That’s all, folks.


Thanks for the note. As it is the training server you are going to experience controllers who are still learning the ropes. Many are not part of this community unfortunately. We have a wide range of tutorials in the #tutorials category for assistance.

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