Wrong atc airport

I am a bit frustrated right now.

yesterday, me and my friend planned to land at london gatwick, which was listed on the atc schedule, and therefore should’ve had atc. we got closer to the uk, and saw that everyone was going to heathrow. it wasn’t listed on the schedule. is there an announcement i am missing?


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IFATC can open at any airport on the Expert server they wish to. They are not confined to the ones listed on the ATC schedule.


on the schedule necessarily active atc

You’re not the only one complaining about it, I’ve complained about it a few times too! But nobody wanted or could answer me this or just continued. Whether it’s on schedule or not, that’s what’s on schedule to serve that ATC. I think it’s a bit stupid if EGLL, KJFK, KLAX or KSFO is always active every day, that’s a bit unfair! The other pilots from their home countries such as Brazil, Africa, Thailand, Slovenia, Slovakia, etc. also want to fly to active ATC from time to time. I’m starting to find something sad, really sad, everything used to be better than it is now.

Well, it’s not worth fighting about such a topic alone, some people have to come up and fight about it together.


I get the frustration but IFATC have free reign to open whatever airport they want, whether it is that they do not feel comfortable to open schedule airports yet, such as myserlf as I am still relatively new, ATC wanting to open airports that mean something to them or just want to control with lots of inbound aircraft. But IFATC are volunteers and want to do this for fun too. If we start to force whjich airports to open it becomes a chore or work and then you are likely to get less service or worse service. Maybe try to think of it from the other side!


It’s because those are reliably active airports, meaning there will usually be traffic. Think of it from an IFATC perspective, they don’t want to be controlling dead airports since they have to be online a minimum of 1 hour (depends I think) And to force IFATC to control certain airports isn’t fair either, since they are volunteers and have more to do in their daily lives than just play a mobile simulator. I’m glad IF and ATC leadership understand that otherwise not many people would want to be an IFATC controller

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If you ever do, I’ll be willing to fight with you.

a quick tip for you: when the airports on atc schedule are small airports that are close to a major airport, most people will go to the major airport and therefore the bigger airport will be staffed by atc/

another example is if on the atc schedule if the airport given is KSAN most people will end up flying to LAX since its closer but already much more popular

This is probably the most accurate response. As IFATC, I want to control airports that have a fair amount of traffic - otherwise it’s boring.

If that ends up being EGLL, KLAX, KSFO, etc…, that’s just how it is unfortunately.

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I totally agree with u. After all what purpose does ATC Schedule serve if those airports wouldn’t be active? Many other things such as plane livery, small airline livery’s won’t be added even after having more than 40 votes. the answer I got from the developers was that they pick whatever they want to do, again what purpose does votes serve then?


Then what’s the purpose of a schedule?

It gives people a guide of where to fly/ control. Helps build traffic in a certain region.

“ Our members may staff any airport in the world at anytime! The Infinite Flight ATC team is encouraged to staff featured airports on the ATC schedule to the max extent possible, though it is entirely optional.”

We don’t have to control there, we’re encouraged to, but it’s our choice.

Tbh if you don’t like the airports that are open, join IFATC and control the ones you’d like to see open.

Exactly my point if u all have a choice then why have a schedule.

If u all won’t even cover them at anytime at all why have a schedule.

Tbh I just fly where I want to and don’t like to be an IFATC ;)

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Used to be like that, had a fixed schedule which limited our choice and wasn’t great overall.

I prefer this new design, allows us to open where the traffic is and also to open smaller airports around the hubs to help build traffic.

We’re volunteers. Just remember that :)

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If the ATC is to occupy the KSAN schedule, then I plan the flight there as well, because I have never landed there in KSAN!

And then I see oh KLAX is active, but not on schedule, because I’ve landed KLAX there several times, so the other airports should be active, because for some it would make more sense to fly to new airports and because that’s the only way you learn better at flying.

Well, you’ve decided what suits you and what doesn’t.
Still kind of a shame!

For me the PROBLEM is now solved

Automated ATC is the only solution to this problem.
U are all volunteers and can cover whatever airports u wish to do so. Again ATC schedule shouldn’t even exist then, U just proved my point.

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You haven’t actually made a point. You’re just complaining that there isn’t ATC 24/7 where it suits you. Automatic atc isn’t the solution.


Explain how Automated ATC at every single region and airport is not a solution. I never said it should be where it suits me. I just said what’s the purpose of a schedule If “volunteer” ATC won’t cover the scheduled airports at all.

Because you’re not thinking further than just “Automated ATC”. Flipping a switch and Voila! - you have automated ATC.
There’s SO MANY questions that needs to be answered before anyone could even remotely considering such a thing.

It’s not a solution. Period.


As I said, it’s a guide for both us as controllers, and you as a pilot. 99% of the time I see the featured airports being opened. It’s pretty rare for at least one featured airport to not be open 🙂