Wrong Altitude

Dear Everyone,

I think I have something wrong with the app. The altitude meter on the right shows a reading of about 1000 while I’m flying at about 200. Does anybody know how to solve this problem ?

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In mountainous regions, (E.g. Denver) Altitude MSL and AGL differ.
MSL - Mean Sea Level
AGL - Above Ground Level

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Nothing is wrong. The altitude meter to your right shows altitude above sea level.
You can for example be on the ground at an airport, but if that airport located on a 10.000ft mountain you will have the altitude meter on your right show 10.000ft.

I recommend you add “Altitude AGL” in your info bar on the bottom, which shows how high above the ground you actually are.


Is your altitude in AGL or MSL?

Thanks to everyone for the answer, and yes it is MSL, I just changed the airport without noticing I guess. Schyllberg, I’m trying to figure out how to add Altitude AGL to the bottom info bar, but I can’t find it in settings. Any tip on how to do it ?

Scroll through the different sections by holding onto it and you can change it to AGL, MSL, Etc…

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Like Chris said.

Hold your finger on any of the ones you currently have, the sub-menu containing the AGL-option is located first (or furthest to the left if you prefer).

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Thanks guys. It worked fine. Have a good day!

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