Wrong airport gate sizes from the update

Ever since downloading the update. I’ve noticed that the gates at my home airport (RPLL) was reduced. Especially in Terminal 2. Anyways id just like to raise this concern since pre 19.4 update, you could easily fit a B77W or a B744 on gates

  • T2 Gate 42
    -T2 Gate 43
    -T2 Gate 45
    -T2 Gate 47

And so on and so on.

Thank you!

This is a known issue for some gates! This will be addressed!

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Good to know it will be! The Philippine Airlines Terminal in RPLL will be unusable for the widebody fleet hahaha

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It appears that the gate restrictions got stricter with this new update. We at the airport editing team we’re looking into some spawn issues reported by other people as well.

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Thank you. Alot of the gates at RPLL pre 19. 4 update were already in the proper sizes.

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