Wrong airport featuring in the schedule (UKBB => UKKK)

Heyho guys, just a quick note for the ATC Scedule on Monday.
There is a minor mistake relating to the featured airport UKBB (Kiev Boryspil), which is not a destination of Wizz Air.
As the theme of the day is Wizz Air, it would make sense if the featured airport is a real Wizz Air destination, what is UKKK (Zhulyany), the smaller airport in Kiev.
Reference: https://wizzair.com/en-gb/flights/kyiv

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I will just tag @Tyler_Shelton so he can decide. Thanks for bringing this up!

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One reason UKBB was probably chosen instead of UKKK is because UKKK hasn’t been updated- what this means is that there isn’t any place for planes to spawn besides on the runway

Oh really? I think that airport deserves more work to be done on that, it is fairly a busy airport (UKKK)

This is correct. I had hoped to do UKKK but figured I’d still feature Kiev regardless. It’s definitely a prominent airport in the region and I realize most don’t care about my themes and airlines so I added it with the idea that people would still fly their favorite airline to/from. 🙂

Nice catch!


WizzAir does actually fly from UKBB, however they don’t do it regularly. EDJA-UKBB exists though according to FR24. At the moment the service is operating from EDNY though as EDJA is closed due to the runway being extended. 😉 I can completely understand your point though.


Yes, Tyler.

We found out that UKKK is unfortunately not yet equipped with the taxiways, aprons and gates. So it was wise in this case to choose UKBB istead…
…maybe in the next airport update we get that great airport added :D


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