Wrong Aircraft Used

Hi, I’d really like to do this flight this Thursday, but unfortunately this is the wrong type of aircraft the fly’s to Edinburgh (EGPH) Qatar servers this route with an A350-900, would it be possible to change too this aircraft ?? As you can see on EHPH arrivals its a A359 and at gate D18 in the second photo its a 787-8

PM the user who created the event if they are willing to change it.

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Hi there!

I’m the creator of the event. It is quite hard to find the exact aircraft used on routes because aircraft changes happen often. The time I checked, it was used by the aircraft listed. I’ll gladly change it. Thanks for your concern :)


BravoCharlie just a quick question how do i put my name down for the flight

Just respond to the thread with your destination and you should be added.

Thanks everyone my problem has been resolved ;)

Issue sorted :)