Wrong account

It’s not really a problem just a question. That’s why I put this in general.
Every time I go in IF and go on solo mode it shows me that I have these stats.

A few seconds later after loading, it shows me my correct stats:

Does anyone know where they come out of and why it does that.
Again not a problem…

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Hmm this is very weird, have you tried re-installing the app? If not, can you try signing out of your account and then signing back into it!

Good idea!
I logged out and back again (was a mistake), but didn’t change anything.
I’m doing it now. Unfortunately I have bad internet so it’s taking a while.

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It’s been here for a while, guess it compiles and tells your stats on that device from the logbook?

This usually happens to me when I have a bad internet connection. Try making sure you have a strong internet connection.

After a very very long wait I now managed to reinstall IF, but the problem is still there…

Sounds correct in therms of hours. Wasn’t able to check as my connection is so bad it won’t load.
Although it does say grade three. Does that mean it counted when I tried going fast in a few planes. (On solo for obvious reasons)
If so I should maybe even be grade two according to those stats…

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