Wrong A333 textures

the textures of some liverys of the A333 are with a very dark tone, if you compare with the 77F and 757 you will see the difference

the graphics were full and the photos were taken on the same day and time in the replay

the same problem with Air China

The tail logo, the color should be almost, or equal to the flag, in the IF it is a wine color almost


this is interesting i’ve never noticed this!



I’m not sure anything can be done about it at this point, but thanks for bringing it into view ;)


I believe this would be the reason, it’s the right colour when it was being developed but it renders differently through the app:

Now, I could be wrong as I do not have any information about how the livery was developed and what were the issues. I am just going by a similar issue that happened with the SAS A333.


A few other liveries have this problem

Yes, I noticed that the AVIANCA A333 the coloring of the engines with the plane’s cigar has core differences too

We have a similar issue as well, since a hotfix from the B772 release that hasn’t been fixed to date.

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