Written test

This is just to inform anyone that will take a written test in the U.S soon to read this article. https://studentpilotnews.com/2019/12/26/improvements-to-written-testing-procedures-coming-january-13-2020/


Can you provide a quick breakdown and your thoughts rather than just pointing us to an article?

Useless thread otherwise.


Low-key for some reason I thought this was about the AP test or SAT/ACT.

But… nice to see improvements for FAA tests I guess.

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Seeing how I’ll be taking this test right around the end of February, this is good news. Thanks for the info!

Sorry I’m not the brightest tool in the shed sometimes. Can you explain what this means for us I’m still not quite understanding this

TLDR; Changes and additions will be coming to the FAA tests that are given to student pilots

Please add more substance to your thread. Simply pasting a link doesn’t facilitate good discussion on the forum. Thanks for your understanding!