Written Test for PPL..Pass or FAIL?

Hello Infinite Flight Community. I would like to inform you all that I have PASSED my written test for my Private Pilot’s License. I passed with an overall score of 80%. Next up is my checkride and oral test which should be within this month. Watch put world, there is about to be a new pilot in town.


Congratulations on this achievement, Ryan! Good luck with the oral exam and checkride!


Thanks. It was THE HARDEST test I have ever taken.


I only have a few hours of flight time. My flight school recommends 60 hours for a PPL test. Even then, I’m only going to be 16 in 8 days.

congrats Ryan i remember mine from back in 1988


Good for you! I’m hoping to take my written test sometime this summer.

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@The_simulation_nerd I have 90 hours and just go around to doing it. @anon66442947 Thanks. It’s a huge step in my goal to be a commercial pilot


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Good job man

@Tyler_Shelton you better get your check ride done or Ryan’s going to beat you :) I’m still very confident you’ll have yours before me though 😔


Haha. I hope to have it done by the end of the month. The hardest part to me is out of the way

Up until the examiner does something unexpected to throw you off your game 😬

That’s why you have to be prepared. My instructor throws me off all time with the things he does when we fly.

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Wait till you take the instrument written :)

That is why I’m going to school for

Instrument was my hardest test. Way too much to study. But it’s a rating that will save your life :)


So I’ve heard. I am going to an aviation school so hopefully I can become better prepare for the next time I take a written test.

Good luck! I’m sure you will do fine :)

Thanks @Erj145

Congratulations Ryan! Welcome to the real world of flying. :)

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