Written Test for PPL in United States

Hey all:

I am about to take my written test for my Private Pilots License on Saturday and was wondering if anyone has any advice?

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Study. I haven’t taken it but I’m sure that’s what you should do. Good luck.


I have been studying…Alot. Its just so tidious


I can imagine. Good luck to you.

Thanks @Matt_B

Good luck bro! Do you have any idea how long it will be?

Time wise or question wise? It is 60 questions and you must make a 70% on it to pass. In the United States, I believe they give you two and a half hours to complete it

That seems like a lot of time for a 50 question test. And 70% seems pretty leniant. I would expect the pass percentage to be a lot higher.

My Uncle has just earnt his EASA PPL in April last year, he had a couple books that his instructor recommended.

All I can really say is revise revise revise, all there is to it.

America needs pilots… That why.

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thank goodness…Greater chances of becoming a pilot :) @Matt_B

Let me know how it goes I have to take mine this month as well

Will do. I’m meeting with my instructor to go over weight and balance

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Don’t stress. Just get plenty of rest the night before.

Weight and balance algebra. I got a lot of questions about this when I did mine (in France though). Take-off performances, landing performances. If you don’t know the rule for this during the test, you’re done. The rest is really easy.

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I’m struggling with weight and balance done the book work just need to practice it in real life. Also struggling with keeping the VFR designations straight for each I’ll get there practice makes perfect

How many hours do you have now @N1RG

@Brandon_Sandstrom I have quite a bit. I have around 90 hours but with that in mind, I started flying when I was 15 and didn’t get to fly everyday. I am also struggling with weight and balance but I met with my instructor yesterday and it makes since to me know. I would ask your instructor if one day you all could go over some of that stuff.

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I want to start flights lessons for my 12th birthday in December! My local airports have multiple nice flight schools

Don’t try to learn from the book, explanations are always horrible there. Ask your instructor, he will explain you W/B stuff directly from the aircraft manual. After a flight or two, you’ll master W/B algebra.

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