Written “Report” Form

Problem: The “report” button was disabled a while ago due to abuse of the system.

Solution: Introduce a written form. Once you click the report button a transcript of Tower and Ground communication with all aircraft in the past 10 minutes will be sent in the form of an email to the email you use for your google or facebook account, along with a link to a google form. You will then fill out the form below.

Example Form:

This form will provide the moderators with the correct context of the incident. It will also act as a filter out trolls and lazy pilots/ATC.

Edit: This would only be for the T2 server due to the fact that IFATC can ghost users. The reason being is to limit the amount of duplicate/uncessaey reports.

They are coming out with a thing where ATC controllers can report users in a more efficient way. I forgot what it is called.

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I’ll say this right away.
This would be extremely time consuming for us Moderators to deal with. I don’t see anything similar to this happening at all i’m afraid…


Alright. Damn. Back to complaining then.

Edit: *Listening to people complain.

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This is what you are referring to:


@schyllberg what if this was Expert Server only? With the recently imputed Expert Server rules, less people will be on the Expert Server, which means you would be spending less time on this.

We have ATC and others that deal with those situations.


I was thinking T1 only because ATC can ghost users.

I disagree, although the Expert prequisites have changed there’s still a considerable amount of aircraft on at all hours of the day. Besides, the new requirements give pilots ample time and opportunity to research and correct their mistakes.


If everyone on the Expert Server knew the procedures, you wouldn’t need it. If you need it because there are still some on Expert that don’t know proper procedure, you can’t then allow those people to report others. It’s circular logic.

  1. You need it because people don’t know what they’re doing.

  2. The proposed solution is to allow this same pool of people to report others.

Everyone thinks they know proper procedure. If they did, I wouldn’t have a photo gallery full of the world’s most hilariously-incompetent pilots.

There’s no way the Mods have the time to deal with this.

Especially when people think spawning at an event field when not part of the event is a reportable offense.


I just wanted to throw an idea out there because the cesspool needs some form of regulation.

GMaxSez: First It was “Vigilantes”; wee one’s flying around smiteing the naredowells and unskilled. Then came the first request for the formation of an IF malitia who flew around from region to region taken names and accusing their counterparts of violations they read about in a book. These requests where by a small kid with a big personality and “small feet” who was never allowed to play with the big kids. Now we enter a new phase and become sofisticated and introduce a Google Form to Report Pilots.
Where do we go to from here. When are these wonnabe Moderators going to get it thru there head there never gonna be King or King Maker. Could this Topic be a prelude to revolution? Is there decention in the ranks? Should we replace Moderators with a paper ticket, reviewed by a machine? Please say it isn’t so!

For those in favor of this anti-social idea please take one… This novel figment of grandiose imagination will never fly:

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that also can Pilot reports pilot!
That will be cool in Training server that if you have received over 3 reports, let’s say in 7 days then u will be ban to Casual server… then back again after a week!
That will improve the training server quality as we still can see ppl trolling in TRAINING SERVER!

If there is a flag button on the forum, there should be a flag button on the sim. If we can’t use the report button or command there has to be another solution.

Actually, we have strict standards about what is and is not reportable. We have to answer for any of our reports with photographic evidence, and if we report erroneously on a regular basis, we are removed from IFATC.

So, no. That’s not accurate. But nice try.

[BTW, even after you delete your reply I can still see what you wrote.]

Also, IFATC as pilots…Report button is disabled as well.


Yes I know, I remembered that after the fact. That’s why I deleted the comment.


I assumed that.

The problem is that you don’t see the number of flags that get ignored because everyone has a different defintion on what “off-topic” means. Same in the sim, people reported everyone for every little thing. The same problem will happen regardless of how.

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I can see how the volume of reports would be challenging and as @schyllberg pointed out, taxiing on the mods.

In conclusion, this is all kind of disappointing. It is nearly impossible to think of a way where there will not be some kind of conflict. Hmm.

That’s the thing with training server. People have been barking at this tree for several years now.
As soon as you learn that TS is what it is and always will be, you’ll stop caring.


I’m not the type that gives up easily and I’m currently stuck there. :/