Writing the rules of the flight in a manual in PDF format

I have already proposed the idea, on a previous occasion, to write all the rules in pdf format. I’m in grade 3 and I have a lot of flying experience with IF (5 years), but I’m afraid of landing in the presence of an ATC. I do not feel ready yet, and for this I want help through, for example, a pdf-format manual. What do you guys say? Thank you all.


I’d say that you could review the great tutorials in the community and save them as screenshots or make yourself a reference card cheat sheet if you will.

If you are suggesting to have this in the app we’ll then that would make this a feature request. :)

These should help you build your confidence and reaffirm your experience. If you follow the commands and fly responsibly you’ll be just fine in the Expert Server.



thanks … but unfortunately I do not understand the English language so fast spoken, I’m sorry.

Ahhh, my apologies. I believe we’ve had a chat or two. My Italian friend correct?

Expert ATC has some friendly and knowledgeable folks that speak other languages specifically Italian. I’m certain they could assist such as @MarcelloM


I’m interested in what rules you’re referring too.

I’d say we currently have these:

  • Violations generated by the system (Violations on Live)
  • Common sense (don’t fly into others, don’t enter the runway when another aircraft is already on it taking off or landing unless instructed so by ATC and that sort of stuff)
  • Follow the instructions given by ATC.

This is usually all you need to know when flying on Expert :) The controllers are usually pretty forgiving and it takes quite a lot to get reported.


thank you for all the material you sent me.


@Guglielmo_Bassetto. MaxSez: Here we go again a recommendation deflected and the standard responses delivered.
Ok there are some great IF Tutorials and Video’s in the archive but there not well organized. Simulator Pilots Operational Hand Books (PDF Manuals) are publishers by most high end Flight Simulator competitors, why not for IF.
I suggest IF or a third party like @epaga develop an App in General QRF or POH format covering IF Flight & ATC procedures in an organized & indexed format. I’d buy it cause like the Author, minutia, changes and IF deviations of the FAR & AIM are hard to retain or discover in the IF Library. G’day


@Guglielmo_Bassetto ciao,non esitare a contattarmi se hai bisogno di aiuto.
(Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need help)


@DeerCrusher… Criticism noted. I only state what’s obvious truth to me.
Recognize my opinions may ruffle some feathers but descent should be considered a catharsis and food for though and not a personal affront. Just consider the source and my track record. I take no prisoners and expect tit for tat in return. Thanks for the “Tat”.
Let’s move on to my salient recommendation, a Third Party IF QRF App.
Hopefully @epaga or his cohort will provide the solution to the IF Staffing problem and consider this money making App opportunity.
As for the Quote, Never consider getting official or jumping thru the IF hoop. Although I respect the staff and developers we are and have been since IF’s inseption personality incompatible. I’m from a different generation and life style. I was trained early to call them the way I see them & Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way.

Again, always rewarding and enlightening exchanging views with you. Your a Pro, I’ll ammend my approach and stop sniping, grazing fire only down the IF Range in future.


Hi Guglielmo,

As an instructor/examiner in real world flying I fully understand your wish not to have your landings judged by anyone else. It is completely normal.

As I have become older I have noticed a generation of pilots (again real world) who take a different line to criticism than I would probably have taken when I was coming through training. Probably the time where I became the most ‘lazy’ was when I was single pilot as the only judge was myself. Now I have colleagues to tell me how many beers I owe them for the crunch!

We all like to think we are ‘good’. I understand, after 30+ years of flying, that I can consider myself to be ‘competent’. No more, no less. I always have something new to learn and I can always do something better.

The only person who can judge themselves ‘fit and ready’ to perform in a public arena is yourself. Believe me that you will perform well on some days and have howlers on others. It’s like that in the real world of aviation. The biggest leap of faith is ‘give it a go’. That first attempt is often the hardest and then you will look back and think that actually it’s fun and enjoyable.

Practice, get your technique right as best YOU can. Then give it a go. Don’t worry about the reading and the ‘steps’ it’s all about feeling the situation on the day.

Most of all, have fun, without fun it’s not worth doing.

Good luck!!!

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I understand your fear of getting judged for your flying skills in IF. Flying in the presence of ATC is no different from flying with no one there.

I would just like to point out that most ATC, and other pilots, are preoccupied doing their own thing. The pilots are taxiing and filing flight plans, and flying, not watching you land. And the ATC is probably busy communication with other planes in the area.

We all have perfect, and horrible landings… even those of us that are considered ‘really good’. The best thing you can do, is focus, be confident and try the best you can when flying. Nobody will make fun of you, or point you out if your landing or takeoff is a little rough. IFC is a very supportive community filled with people who want to empower you to do your best, no bring you down for a mistake.

If you have been flying IF for 5 years, the chances are you will do just fine. You never know how you will preform in front of others unless you try. So I say get on out there, and land with confidence. You’ll be amazed how much practice and confidence can help when flying.

Hope I encouraged you,

Capt. Dwyer


I might be missing something but I don’t think it is specifically ‘landing’ that he is having trouble with. He requested the rules of expert server flying in this topic. I think he used “landing in the presence of ATC” as a way to say he is afraid to do something wrong and get ghosted so he wanted all the rules written out in one place. Again, correct me if I’m wrong but this was my interpretation of his request.


I agree but read as much as you want it’s the ‘doing’ that will get you the experience.

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I think a big part of what he is asking has more to do with common sense and obeying IFATC instructions, and not having insane skill, but I do see where you are coming from.

It shouldn’t be that complex. Announcing inbound, runway with left or right traffic, once clearance is a knowledged then land… but be careful not change altitude with permission from ATC. I left out a lot of things that you would know how to answer or do once it comes up. And this is as far as I know ( im grade 3) but at grade 2 for now because of the percentage of violations and landings.

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I don’t know how it works in the game as, as I’ve explained many times, I don’t play it. The base line is that if the ‘strictness’ of the server is putting people off playing on it then either the server and the ATC needs to accept infractions or there needs to be a clear cut list of said infractions. That comes from someone outside of the ‘online’ world.

Everybody needs to learn. Don’t put too many barriers against people having a go.

Exactly as you say, listen to instruction, heed those instructions, fly sensibly, correctly and in turn and enjoy.

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But in reality, it’s not that strict. Like mentioned above, you have to do something pretty bad to get ghosted. Some IFATC are more forgiving than others, but still. Listen, learn, and know that you are safe as long as you ‘fly with your head’. But I’m veering off topic. It looks like his question has been answered, so I’m going to move on.

thank you, I will take care of your advice. Guglielmo.

thanks to all I’m following your advice, hello

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