Writing Happy New Year in the sky! - Welcome 2021!

Hello IFC!

Some of you are in 2021, some are hours away, and some are counting down the minutes. Today I have been working on drawing Happy New Year on the IF skies.

I want to wish a happy new year to everyone, and special thanks to;

  • IF Staff and Developers for making an amazing game!

  • Moderators for helping keep IFC a very tidy and friendly place!

  • All Regulars doing their best to help everyone out!

  • All VA staff working hard to keep VAs up and running!

  • EVERYONE else reading this for being a part of this huge community!

2020 has been a tough year for all of us, but’s it’s time to be positive and look ahead. I wish everyone a very healthy, happy year. I hope we can return to normal life some point in 2021, but if we don’t, stay strong and have fun and spend time with your family! Be kind to others!

I am very glad I joined this community, and I met some great people (@Hardlanding_Hussain, @GBKarp, everyone in VORG, and many more).

Stay Safe


Wow that must’ve been a lot of work

Aw 😊

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For anyone wondering, the flight took over 7 hours

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Dang now that’s dedication, very cool, 32 mins to new year here!

Hehe 🙃


Holy crap that is commitment! Nice job! I wish I could like it but like limit.


Thank you guys! I have to thank @AdamCallow for the KML to IF conversion tutorial ;)

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Nice Picture but is your callsign conform to the IFC ?

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Um, what’s wrong about it? PM me

WHOA that must have been SO HARD but it is amazing happy new year tho 🙃

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Happy new year!

Also thanks @CPT_Colorado for changing it to the correct category :)

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