Write a list for the plane on the date schedule

Hi everyone, I just want to know about on the paper getting a written list for airlines, the plane, and registration then model aircraft… May say bring your ticket for the airlines to expect the date and time, too for hold on saved. I always remember for a very long time my experience is easy and won’t be lost. Everyone keeps writing notes on paper to continue that year the same. If your flight when your time for the airlines, registration, model aircraft anything. I also stopped at airports around the world both in North America and Europe last year.

When started I was the age of 3 years old close to 4 years old soon first my flight for Continental Airlines but my mom says not know about model aircraft still don’t know every time so sometimes often time, we were flown from Seattle, Washington trips to Birmingham, Alabama via Houston (KIAH/IAH), Dallas/Ft. Worth (KDFW/DFW) or maybe Austin (KAUS/AUS) last in the winter of January 2000. Already, I have worked in Seattle only as an individual, my last flight from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Seattle, Washington was on October 24, 2022, on Sun Country Airlines (N815SY) Boeing 737-800. I have 54 times to ride the plane! Next, I want to go anywhere in a new state only to the U.S.A. and I don’t know yet when I do not get order my ticket to ride the plane next month in the spring soon.

If I am not sure about my grammar my flight suggests Delta Connection (Operated by SkyWest Airlines) following Delta Connection (SkyWest Airlines). So, I’m interested in a flight with the information.

I example December or 12-3-2014. United Express (ExpressJet Airlines) Embraer ERJ-145LR (N13970).

I get pictures on the paper notes for you.


Then, the airport is counted list in the world but didn’t need to count just fine. No problem.

I always enjoy traveling and having fun and also following writing notes for airlines, model aircraft, and registration, and if you can watch your flight anything at the airport, too.

I may say I make a mistake in my grammar sentence that is correct or incorrect is just fine for the info.

Any question? Can I help with that?

Thank you, AJ Johnson. Happy flying!


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