Wright Flyer 1

Wouldn’t this be cool to fly

Hi! I think that there are other existing aircrafts who should be added in Infinite Flight first, but anyways, please take a minute to add a picture illustrating your request. Here’s a short guide to help you in the future if needed. Thanks for your understanding. Have a nice day! :)

Here’s a picture I found:


Okay…thats interesting, minus the fact theres absolutely:

  1. No flight deck
  2. Probably doesn’t reach 60 kts
  3. Wouldn’t be used because it would fall apart in winds over 3 kts

All very good points, though I have to say I think there’s still a small place for this in IF, even as just a tribute to the Wright brothers. That being said we do have many other more usable priorities. Interesting idea though.

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I agree with the wright brothers. But when you really look ahead, it wouldn’t be used after 3 weeks.

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You’re absolutely correct by me. The tribute would just sit there. It would be hilarious to see 12 of these lined up for takeoff.