WOW the Best plane in IF

When I was flying for AAVA I realized that the CRJ cockpit lights up at night and decided to take some pics

Server: Solo
Time: Night
Airport: CYYZ

Hope you enjoyed the pics feel free to like (if u want to 😉👋)


Very nice!

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“Glideslope. Glideslope”

“Four red and you’re dead”

Watch that final approach height. Neat pics :)


Thanks man 👍

Ik I didn’t want to land I didn’t even land 🤣 I know about papi lights 🤣

I expected a WOW aircraft, but dang… this looks good too😃


Very nice pictures! Thanks for sharing!

Emergency floor lights will lead you to your nearest exit…

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🤣👊🏽👍 thanks

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🤣👊🏽👍 thanks man

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Uh we only have a 2 light system in IF. Plus you won’t die just maintain altitude until it goes back to half red/half white.

ADD power 🤣👊🏽👍

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It’s just a saying dude…and IF does have a 4 PAPI light system…it’s just that this airport doesn’t have them.

Alright let’s not get into an argument over papi lights 🤣 -JK

Red over White, you’re alright. (on glidepath)

Red over Red, you’re dead. (too low)

White over White, you’re out-of-sight (too high)

This is the original saying, bud.

Watch a mod close this cuz we’re going back and fourth about papi lights 🤣 ik how the papi lights works that’s a nice way to remember I been flying on IF for over 7 years thanks

Dang we got mood lighting


🤣 only for the passengers 😉 at AC air lines

What airport, I tend to fly out of smaller ones but even KDEN and PANC from what I’ve seen dont have a 4 light papi just 2
@Will_A I know I’m just a very literal person.

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I just investigated a little bit and I’m sorry, I was wrong. I literally thought IF had a 4 light system. Never noticed that it didn’t, I guess that’s what happens when you play X-plane for more than a few months 😅. Now that I think about it a 4 light system would me much more accurate and realistic, it would make for a great feature request.

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Did you mess up on the title? The 737 is clearly the best plane in game. But yes, the lighting is really cool on the crj.