WOW! Thats cool!

Today as the title would suggest did some spotting at KPIT, so here is the results…

Delta MD88 (N998DL) ATL-PIT

Delta Conection CRJ-900LR (N934XJ) MSP-PIT

At this point we arrived at a new location free of trees in the way of the runway…

AA eagle CRJ-200

SWA 737-700 (N964WN) MCO-PIT

(This was the big one!) WOW A321 (TF-KID) KEF-PIT

Spirit A320 (N620NK) TPA-PIT

AA eagle E145LR (N933JN)

Delta… frankly I am at a loss here, I forgot to screen shot it on FR24 at the time, and looking back at the schedule the only thing similar is a CRJ-900 that took off about 1hr behind schedule (this photo was about an hour and a half after it’s scheduled landing) but that is not a CRJ-900, would someone who has a desktop web version of FR use the feature share you can turn back the clock, and see if there is a CRJ-700 landing runway 28R at PIT, and see its info, because I am really curious, it would probably help if I told you we were out there till about 6:15 and this was right before we left…

Also a lesson on what not to use HDR for plane spotting, luckily I had keep original on or this would have done me in…

Pleas vote in the poll so I can see what angles, airlines, aircraft, etc. people want to see, als party because I am just curious what you guys liked best…

  • Photo 1
  • Photo 2
  • Photo 3
  • Photo 4
  • Photo 5
  • Photo 6
  • Photo 7
  • Photo 8
  • Photo 9
  • Photo 10
  • Photo 11
  • Photo 12
  • Photo 13
  • Photo 14
  • Photo 15🤣

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Thanks for stopping by, fly safe,


@KPIT goes spotting at KPIT. Nice photos 👌🏼

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Thanks hope you liked em…

@Balloonchaser voting for the glitched one…

Would you rather that one or #3?


No I don’t care, I just thought it was funny to vote for the joke photo…

Now 15 is the top photo😂🤣
Pranksters these days am I right?

Not sure if you all noticed the difference, but I really liked pic 8🙃

Loving the purple livery on the A321. Def my favorite shot of the bunch.

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Congratulations. You were finally able to catch some shots from your favorite airport.

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@KPIT at KPIT, the irony! Anyways, great pics man, hope you had fun!

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