Wow that's a lot of government aircraft at KSWF

Last week was the 77th UNGA and I swent to KSWF and spotted numerous government aircraft.

The Libyan Government’s a340-200!

Ivory Coast’s a319

Kuwait’s a340-500

Turkey’s a330-200 prestige

Turkey’s 747-8i

The Spanish Government’s a310

Eswatini’s a340-300

Chile’s 767

Qatar Amiri Flight’s a319acj

Peru’s 737-500

A Saudi Arabian Government charter HZ-SKY2 and a330-200

A close up of Spain’s Falcon 7x!

A terrible photo of Iran’s a340-300 parked on the ANG Ramp

Which Photo did you like the most?
  • Photo 1 (Libyan Goverment a340)
  • Photo 2 (Ivory Coast’s a319)
  • Photo 3 (Kuwait’s a340-500)
  • Photo 4 (Turkey’s 787-8i)
  • Photo 5 (Turkey’s a330-200)
  • Photo 6 (Spain’s a310)
  • Photo 7 (Eswatini’s a340)
  • Photo 8 (Chile’s 767)
  • Photo 9 (Qatar Amiri Flight’s a319)
  • Photo 10 (Peru’s 737-500)
  • Photo 11 (Saudi Arabian a330)
  • Photo 12 (Spanish Falcon 7X)
  • Photo 13 (Iran’s a340)

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That’s realy a lot of gouvernement planes


I work at SWF and had hands on involvement with the United Nations operation. Definitely an incredible experience, dealing with people from other countries and their beautiful airplanes. The Turkish 747-8i up close was a beauty for sure!

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