Wow... just- wow

So coming out at Heathrow cruising altitude is 30,000 feet then I suddenly get 117 knots of wind it’s just crazy for as long I have played IF I had never had this much turbulence


Sounds like you’re near the jet stream

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That’s probably why

Indeed, pretty windy there atm.


If you departed Eastwards from Heathrow, there is a small gap of high winds or jet stream.

@Ecoops123 you are right, such topics are not informative and needed. It’s not only because this clogs up the forum but such jet streams happens very often, even on the English Channel, between Netherlands and Great Britain. Happens in most places really.

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That’s a lot, nothing compared to the 143 knots I got yesterday over northeast England. 😳


@Icelandair_TeamICE… MaxSez: Great “General” observation and useful. shame IF has not introduced “PiReps” yet. the info would be helpful for all long Haulers & Flight Planners in range as a fuel/time saver…
Regards Max


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