Wow just got violations for spawing in upside down in a cessna

I just spawned in at KBNA at the Flight training gates in a C172 and flipped upside down before i even touched calibrate and got 2 violations for areobatics

Do you have a photo? And the mods should be able to help if this is a glitch.

Message a staff member or moderator. They could help you out.

no i left when i saw a violation

i think this game hates me i keep getting in glitches and getting violations

i will but its the second time today i have been experiencing glitches

Well, I mean. Your making it hard on us to believe you. What was it for?

I haven’t been able to reproduce this issue so it could be a one off glitch.

Like, you didn’t leave the second the glitch started? Seems a little strange, also the game doesn’t hate you.

well i have been having a lot of glitches while playing recently

My suggestion to you would be take a video (if possible) or a photo as evidence. I’m sure the developers want to know about glitches. This way they can address them.

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well i dont want to get more violations by trying it again

Then go on Casual server.

oh yeah good idea i will do that in a minute

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If you spawned at an airport and immediately got a violation and left shortly after, you might want to check your logbook. Looks like you left almost immediately so you can show that to the moderator and perhaps be able to reverse it. Logbook also contains flight time and if I’m not wrong it should be 0.00 and it wouldn’t be possible to get 2 violations in that timeframe.


Best advice for sure.

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it didnt happen this time

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Then follow @SterlingArcher’s advice.

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thanks will do i am about to do that

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