WOW improves liquidity 12 million dollars through Air Canada A321 Deal.

WOW has signed a deal to sell 4 Airbus A321s. It has only one finance lease to Air Canada in a move. WOW says will improve its liquidity by more than 12 million dollars. WOW had earlier in Dec. disclosed, it was working on a transaction to sell 4 A321s. These plans, it will reduce its fleets from 22 to 11.

The carrier says its board of directors has approved the transaction to sell 4 A321s.

This transaction will improve WOW’s liquidity by more than 12 million dollars.

More information can be found below.


Good move. WOW is in deep trouble rn and that will give them some breathing room for now. I hope they stay in business, love their livery.


And it’s all the good regs :(.

I was told it was TF-DAD -MOM -SON , something else. The whole family’s gone :(


Wouldn’t this fit better in this topic?

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Hmm, I did not know about this. The title was not same as mine. But below.

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Well I’m very happy that WOW is keeping up as they were a good airline.


I have never flown WOW but I hope they stick around.


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