Wow can't believe it.

What I’ve seen on Lauras Instagram is really awesome.

I don’t have the words to explain my happiness and excitement for this next upcoming update.

Inshallah when the update comes out infinite flight will be really awesome.

A question which has bugged is. How will engine start/shut be like. Will it be 4 separate buttons of which you press and it comes on. Or will you have a panel of which has the full start up procedure?
@Laura please can you confirm this.

Personal opinion on this upcoming update : this make or break for infinite flight.

But I want to say thank you to every single person who’s helped make IF better place and made it a more realistic experience for users of all ages.

Thanks you everyone. Take care and have a good weekend and week.


Maybe you could post it here:

I don’t know…

#1: Don’t tag the developers please.
#2: Please ask your questions and add your other comments regarding global/next update here:

Thanks a bunch.


Please post stuff like this in the main “What is Global” topic. Also, under no circumstances should you ever tag a developer.

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😳 sorry guys. I will post on the suggestion


That’s alright everyone makes mistakes. :)



This is why we have eraser on pencil.