WOW. Busiest I've seen socal

This is ridiculous! 100+ people on socal. Servers are suffering!


Haha I know right!! :) People should start experimenting and going to the Caribbean

Man the loads in Hawaii are sad and kinda pathetic. One of my favorite regions too 😢…

Sad isn’t it.

P.s please only moderators edit and move my posts, thanks.

That wasn’t me btw

Haha no I know :-)

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Nothing happened. @sirms moved the topic.

That said, I won’t move your posts @Harry, I will advise you and/or Sean to make changes.

Wish more people would fly in the New York region😭

Somewhere needs to be first 😉

Is that Advanced Server ?

Oh yes! Fabulous Complicated A380 landings in the house!

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