Wow.. Attention to detail! at KLAX!

I was flying into LAX yesterday, and on short final for 24R, I noticed a building… I said to myself, No, that can’t be, and it was, it was the ‘In-N-Out’ Burger at LAX.
To people not familiar with ‘In-N-Out,’ it’s a Southern Californian legend. Still, family-owned and often considered the best hamburgers.

WOW. I love that detail. Even the drive-through line is going in the right direction. Bravo IF.

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That’s indeed a lovely detail 🍔


Or perhaps you could all stop mini modding, step away from your keyboards and enjoy the fact that the OP is making an extremely positive post commending the detail on “In-N-Out”.

There evidently is no intent to make a screenshot topic, he is simply celebrating a small part of the update. No need to breathe heavily and go all category warrior on the poor guy…

Edit: No need for people to keep saying “stop mini modding”. My comment is aimed at several of you, you don’t need to repeat it.

@Knellered I agree, the attention to detail in the update is simply fantastic. If you haven’t already, you should scoot over to your relevant Play/ App Store and leave a shiny 5* review, it means more than you’d think!


Love that they added all of the small details

I’ve gotta agree with you, it’s beautiful the attention to detail that they’ve done.


To those who are please stop mini-modding and repeating the same said points again and again.

Virgin America 🥲

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Lol, when I found out about this… I essentially lost my mind.
I love IF 😂

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Haha. Unbelievable! I didn’t realise this - quite incredible!
I was fortunate enough to vsit the “In-N-Out” Burger years back while in KLAX - great planespotting spot.

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Yes! Pilots are hungry and need their burgers in before and after flights. We can’t have hungry pilots flying around…


Awesome detail ;-) thanks for sharing!

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Anyways, nice pictures haha. Never knew they would add that!

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I live approximately 5 minutes from this exact same In N Out (and KLAX), and I can say it’s definitely iconic!


I’m going to go check that out.

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Yeah! It’s It’s neat little “easter egg” they added, pretty cool photo!


Best place to spot airplanes! You get to see some beasts land/takeoff while you enjoy a nice juicy burger!


I agree…but the line is always so long that I usually grab a burger at the other In N Out in El Segundo and then go plane spotting from Clutter’s Park! Anyway, a burger and some planes is always a great idea!


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