WOW Airlines Ceases operations officially

So found out what aircrafts was repoed, TF-WOW and TF-PRO were repoed by the pwners while in Montreal and they sent TF-DOG to rescue it, but it’s still there also.

Right after we got the A330 WOW livery. This is sad news. Maybe somebody can plan a formation flight in honor



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omg I wasn’t expecting this outcome, this is very saddening im getting airberlin vibs from this

Truly sad. A one of a kind airline that shall be lost in the depths of time. But what will happen to their A330NEO’s?


Saw this coming unfortunately… they started grounding their aircrafts already back in November. TF-BRO (the A320 in if) was one of them. Parked at Shannon in Nov

They got rid of it before we had it in IF


Does that mean we can’t fly the brand new WOW A330? 😂

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Awww my favorite Icelandic airline is going, we will miss you 😢

I’ll miss seeing this bird land at MCO. We’ll miss you WOW air 😮

Sad to hear WOW go, I hoped to fly them someday, but oh well.

Please Infinite Flight, do the right thang and disable the WOW A320 and A330.

On a serious note, it’s unfortunate to see that his is not the end of the purple plane era. While I never flew on WOW, I can say that I always liked their livery and it’s unfortunate to see them go.


Where are the planes going to go anyone know?
Btw I thought this livery was Japanese 😂

I know two of WOW air’s planes went to Air Canada. TF-KID was one. I forgot the other one

nooooooooooo nononono

It’s sad to see WOW go. This year looks it’s going to be bad, with ET302, MAX Grounding, 5Y3591, 777X Certification Delayed, and now WOW.

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WOW! That is not good!

No it won’t be

I wonder what will happen to the pilots 🤔🤔🤔