WOW air | KEF-BOS | Airbus A330-300

Hey IFC!
More Iceland, I know, I’m sorry it’s just such an interesting place. But today we are flying the deceased WOW air instead of Icelandair. Those two were like Coke-cola and Pepsi, chocolate and vanilla, or waffles and pancakes. They were always trying to be a little bit better or a little cheaper than the other. It was quite the victory for Icelandair when they finally defeated WOW air.
Server: Expert

Callsign: WOW air 293 Heavy
The photos have arrived!
Our ride for today, a beautiful Airbus A330

Blasting out of Keflavík

Climbing high

Well… not that high

Cruising past Greenland

Dry land once again

Tasty wing

Turning onto final

Approaching minimums

Buttery landing in Boston

I hope y’all enjoyed!


Iceland is beautiful. Great work!


Nice pictures! WOW Air is only wow :)

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WOW, nice pictures! Hope I can visit Iceland one day.

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Me too! I would love to