WOW Air Is Opening A Cafe In Washington D.C

Image by @PoPville on Twitter

Yeah… “landing soon”.

This is supposedly WOW Air 2.0, Michelle Ballarin’s revival of WOW Air with the exact same branding. (Not PLAY Airlines)

WOW Air 2.0 plans (“planned”) to fly between Reykjavik and Washington D.C. (assuming Dulles) in October 2019, but plans never went through. So… now we have a cafe…

This is actually supposed to be WOW Air’s sales office in Washington D.C. according to this:

The idea is the building will act as both a sales office and a cafe for people to sit down, have a coffee, and talk.

This is the address for the building: 1108 24th Street, NW at L Street

Fairly close to all the attractions in the area:

Thoughts on this? Anyone in the D.C. area plan on going here once it opens?


Kind of strange. An airline? Opening a cafe? I mean it already seems unrealistic to open an airline based cafe at an airport they fly to but the thing is it’s not actually at the airport. Don’t think this will do too well.


What the heck is going on?


Seems reminiscent of the good 'ol days when you would purchase tickets at your local airline ticket office.

However, those days are long gone, I have no idea why you would go out of your way to a shop to purchase airplane tickets when you can do it from your couch, and do much more research into prices, times, other airlines, etc.

If I’m ever in the area, I might take a look. But, that’s because I’m an AvGeek. People who could care less about aviation will likely sidestep this “cafe”, favoring their local Starbucks.


Actually not the first time an airline has opened an external store.

In 2019, AirAsia opened a restaurant in a mall in Kuala Lumpur featuring its in-flight meals:


Apparently some people say the food isn’t very good though…

I think people say it may taste bad, since most airline food is meant for the inside of an airplane, which means the food will probably taste different on land than in a plane thirty-five thousand feet in the air.

Apparently food tastes differently the higher you are

The more you know.

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I saw an “EasyJet Coffee” cafe in London once


There is many, including them in my home town. Easyjet have a range of café’s and stores.


True. easyHotel, easyFoodStore, easyBus, easyCarInsurance


Airline: Time to open a freaking cafe!
Infinite Flight Community:


Airline: Hey. What if we deviate from the aviation industry? And make more profit? And get more holidaymakers travelling with us? How bout that sweet cash?

Weird one 😏

Let’s keep this about WOW Air, if you want to have your Easy-going chats, do it in a PM. It’s Easy to create. I’m jetting off out of this topic now.

I may have started the Easyjet comment about their chains, but it wasn’t intended as a joke to be carried on.

Ok everyone, I deleted your attempts at humor. On topic please.


Its times like these where I ask myself, “Why am I not banned yet?”

Alright alright alright.

Personally, I think it is strange for an airline to open a cafe. I mean that’s like IKEA opening a restaurant, weird as heck.

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No it wasnt just you. The whole thread went off the rails.

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@Mattheus You’re not helping your case…

This is interesting. I’ll have to come back to DC to check this out.

I’m so confused on what this airline is doing? Are they coming back or what? Lol 🤣