WOW air Announces $149 One-Way (East) North America - Tel Aviv

I don’t usually post here often anymore, but this is quite incredible.

WOW air has announced plans for a $149 one way flight from New York - Tel Aviv (via Reykjavik). This $149 ticket will also be available in other select destinations such as Toronto, Chicago, and Boston. A $199 ticket will also be available from San Fransisco and Los Angeles. This comes after announcing a Reykjavik - Tel Aviv route a earlier this year.$149-28462

Other sources appreciated.


Wow, I always wanted to go to Israel!


Glad to see you again.

People dont see international tickets this cheap these days.

It’s even cheaper than a flight from NBO-MBA.

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I wonder what amenities are being lost with this cheaper ticket. I know Delta upgraded their JFK-TLV route from A332 if I am not mistaken to a B772 not to long ago. I wonder how other airlines will go about dealing with this. Another thing to note is the fact that a lay over in Reykjavik is needed, and we’ll certain people won’t want to wait with the stop over. I really wonder how this will perform in the long run.

I like this, it’s a smart move on the airline’s part. They’re banking on people not wanting to go 12-14 hours in one go, as well as offering dirt cheap fares to tempt more people to book. Not to mention other tourists that may want to visit Iceland on a stopover - so it’s a win-win for them all round I’d say.

#Update: Price does NOT include luggage allowance, seat selection, food, or drink.

Luggage allowance: $40-$50 possibly higher ($70) each way.
Seat Selection: $10, $40-$50 for extra legroom each way.

Nor does it include seat selection, so enjoy your middle seat for 6 hours at a time with a short rest at the middle of the night in KEF!

The layover is an hour and a half (at least for New York).

Has it ever been a 332? I’ve always thought it was a 772 only route…

Well International tickets are cheaper then they have ever been before if you take inflation into consideration

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You have to pay for hand luggage with Wowair as well, don’t forget that. But then again for $149 I wouldn’t complain…

WOW Air was supposed to start another month But in the end she’ll just start working in September

Icelandair is also scheduled to open a line to Tel Aviv

In the past an A330 did operate on the route.

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